Looking for support in implementing the GDPR?

Junior privacy consultants help you get started

The Privacy Factory helps organisations in the process of implementing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We do this by making available junior privacy consultants who offer on-site hands-on support using a certified GDPR implementation methodology based on a Plan-Do-Check-Act approach which organisations of any size will find it easy to relate to. The end result is that you, as our customer, will be well-organised to demonstrate GDPR compliance. At a price you will also find it easy to relate to.


Our proposition

For our junior privacy consultants to be able to offer you the hands-on assistance you need, we select highly educated, experienced professionals from various business backgrounds who are then trained, during a six-month education course, in all the skills required from a Data Protection Officer.

As part of their training our consultants, mentored by expert TPF coaches, perform ‘live’ work assignments in actual organisations, thus not only financing their own training, but also gaining valuable experience in a specialised field of expertise, enhancing their chances of future employment.

Feedback from the market has taught us that what our clients need more than anything else, apart from the hands-on support offered by our consultants, is a better idea of the scope of the GDPR activities they are expected to carry out. Which is exactly what out trainee consultants are able to provide.

The time frame for these work assignments is 500 hours at an hourly rate of €17.60 (ex. tax and travel expenses). Throughout the assignment term, our students retain the obligation of attending (online) training days, the exact number of remaining training days varying per individual trainee.

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