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Under the GDPR, organisations are not only required to get their privacy and information protection in better shape than ever before, they must also be able to demonstrate that the personal data in their possession are properly protected. By now, practical evidence has shown that becoming and remaining GDPR compliant is by no means an easy task. We can help you in multiple ways. We have the capacity and the expertise to do so.

Junior Privacy Consultant

Our Junior Privacy Consultants are the perfect solution for you to enlist hands-on support in carrying out mandatory privacy activities, at significantly reduced rates

Senior Privacy Consultant

Our Senior Privacy Consultants specialise in helping organisations from all sectors of industry to become and remain GDPR compliant

Data Protection Officer

Our Data Protection Officer ‘as a Service’ monitors changes in GDPR-related means of proof, offers advice, provides support in performing DPIAs and helps to build awareness

Always available Privacy Consultant

Do you use Privacy Manager in implementing the GDPR? If so, you can also use the Privacy Consultant module which is part of Privacy Manager. This module allows you to get advice from a Senior Privacy Consultant associated with your organisation.
How does it work?

Ask a question

Submit your question, with the necessary explanation, to a Senior Privacy Consultant

Discuss the answer

Discuss the answer with your Senior Privacy Consultant and reach a common conclusion

Build a GDPR archive

Build an archive of questions asked and answers received

Do you need support from our Privacy Consultants?

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