Privacy Professional training

Are you a DPO or Privacy Officer and interested in further training for your role? This DPO Training will provide you with all the expertise and skills you need, and give you the opportunity to exchange practical experience as a member of the TPF knowledge community.

The training course comprises 8 online classroom sessions, the use of the online DPO Training environment and an optional final exam for obtaining the TPF certificate.

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After completing the DPO Training you will have learned to:

Setting up a privacy team

You will also have gained experience in setting up a privacy team for the actual execution of privacy activities assigned to its members and documentation of the tasks performed in a privacy management tool. Once these privacy activities have been properly carried out and documented, the result is GDPR accountability.

Optional: online on-the-job coaching

You may also opt for online assistance from your own TPF coach. This professional coaching is primarily aimed at exchanging practical experience and answering specific questions, allowing you to apply the knowledge you have acquired to the needs of your organisation.


Training day 1
GDPR overview
Training day 2 – 3
Privacy activity planning
Training day 4
GDPR implementation methodology
Training day 5
Register of processings
Training day 6
Risk assessment
Training day 7
DPIA (data protection impact assessment)
Training day 8
Means of proof for GDPR accountability


For the duration of your training, you will be given access to our mobile ‘MemoTrainer’ app, allowing you to test and train your grasp of the subject matter in personalised sessions, whenever you want to and wherever you may be. This app makes it fun to teach yourself the theoretical aspects of privacy legislation. The perfect way to prepare for your exam!

Privacy Manager

As part of your training, you will learn how to use our ‘Privacy Manager’ tool for comprehensive privacy management. The tool perfectly mirrors the steps to be taken when applying the GDPR implementation methodology which, in your training, you will learn to deploy. This way, step by step, you can put into practice what your training has taught you.

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Friday September 2 2022

€5950 excl. VAT
€3950 excl. VAT

What else can you expect from this training?

Training by experienced coaches

Each class day, specific privacy matters will be discussed in detail by our experienced coaches, who will, wherever helpful, use examples from recent news stories to illustrate the practical effects and implications. This way, theory will be firmly cemented in practice.

Group interaction in breakout sessions

Learning by way of online breakout sessions devoted to group discussion and group assignments. The interactive way to train for your future role as a privacy professional.

Privacy Café

In weekly Privacy Café sessions, our experienced coaches will assist you in tackling the questions and issues you have encountered in practical situations. It is also a great environment for sharing experiences with other students and deepening your knowledge of privacy matters.

TPF certification

Having successfully finished your training by passing the exam, you will receive the official TPF certification which will serve as a testimony of your competencies.


In the course of and following your training, you can join and participate in our online community, the perfect place for privacy professionals to meet and the ideal environment for mutual support.

Examples of organisations supported by our students