Plan-Do-Check-Act tool for the GDPR

Privacymanager is a tool allowing DPOs and Privacy Officers to efficiently implement the 24/7 accountability requirement specified by the GDPR. One important component of the Privacymanager proposition is an online training course, enabling trainee DPOs to acquire the theoretical knowledge and practical skills they need to perform their duties in driving GDPR compliance.

As a strategic tool, Privacymanager is an integral part of all our DPO Training courses. The reason for this is that the demands imposed on organisations by the GDPR are very stringent indeed. Becoming GDPR compliant means being able to demonstrate that all requirements put forward by the new privacy legislation are being met, day by day, 24/7. Managing this complex responsibility is exactly what Privacymanager has been developed to facilitate.

This is a tool that translates the GDPR into a transparent and practical Plan-Do-Check-Act approach which allows step-by-step implementation of:

  • creating and maintaining a register of processing operations
  • setting up training and awareness programs
  • managing and reducing information security risks
  • creating and maintaining privacy statements
  • managing and handling requests and complaints
  • setting up procedures for data breach management
  • monitoring new and existing processing practices
  • collecting and maintaining means of proof demonstrating that all required privacy activities have been carried out

Privacymanager is the perfect tool for Data Protection Officers, Privacy Officers and the members of their privacy teams, assisting them in performing the privacy activities required by the GDPR and supplying the necessary proof of having done so. They can use the Privacymanager tool to plan and document their activities and monitor the status of GDPR accountability achieved by their organisations, clients or employers.

As is the case with most other specialised tools, like accounting applications, using Privacymanager effectively presupposes a certain level of professional knowledge. This is why The Privacy Factory also offers specific Privacymanager training courses, covering all the expertise and skills necessary to use the tool to maximum effect, based on TPF’s proprietary Plan-Do-Check-Act methodology.