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Thank you for requesting a demonstration of Privacy Manager. We look forward to showing you how Privacy Manager can help your business in reaching and maintaining GDPR compliance.

In order for us to match our demonstration to your specific demands, we would like to ask you to answer the small number of questions below. The information you give us will help us to properly prepare the demonstration and to ensure that we will cover all aspects of Privacy Manager that are of key relevance to your organisation.

What can Privacy Manager do for your business?
Imagine if you could take control of your GDPR activities and seamlessly become GDPR accountable? Privacy Manager is the software that embeds GDPR activities into your daily operations, turns them into tasks for your privacy team members, and monitors your GDPR accountability in real time.

How Privacy Manager helps you
Privacy Manager tells you which GDPR activities are mandatory, allocates and monitors the execution of these activities, manages the registration of processing activities and organises the workflow associated with data breaches and data subject complaints and requests.  

We look forward to showing you this and more during your demonstration!

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