The Privacy Factory is the trade name of the PrivacyO group of companies. Together we represent over 30 years of privacy expertise, information technology expertise and corporate experience. Based on the expertise and experience gained, we know that implementing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is first and foremost a knowledge and management challenge.

This is why the PrivacyO group of companies has developed its GDPR solution according to a Plan-Do-Check-Act management approach, resulting in a one-stop-shop GDPR solution, encompassing accountability (Privacy Manager), training (Privacy Academy) and DPO as a Service (Privacy Consultant).

PrivacyO group of companies: 

PrivacyO Technologies B.V.  
Contact details:

Mauritslaan 77A
6161 HS Geleen
The Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce registration: KVK 69501394

PrivacyO Enterprises B.V.
Contact details:

Robert Schumandomein 2
6229 ES Maastricht
The Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce registration: KVK 69449252